Jeevan Vidya Workshop

Existence is Coexistence

Living in Harmony with Self, Family, Society & Nature

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[ Website of the introductory workshops to the Coexistential philosophy of A.Nagraj ]

A lifetime's journey

-starting with 7 days:


  • study yourself.
    • unravel your mind
    • attain clarity
  • understand people.
    • accept compassion
    • nurture family & society
  • examine reality.
    • discern life & evolution
    • harmonize with nature

Problems. Solutions


  • Personal Life. Lost?
    • Contradictions
    • Dejection
  • Family & Relations. Suffocating?
    • Discontentment
    • Breakdowns
  • Society. Disintegrating?
    • Inequality
    • Hatred
  • Nature. Climate change?
    • Depleting forests & animals
    • Polluted soil, air & rivers


About the Workshop

The introductory workshop is an engaging 7 day dialogue that seeks to address serious curiosities in the areas of

  • Why and How we are – nature & workings of the Mind & Consciousness
  • The true nature of Happiness & Contentment
  • Ethics & Humanistic Living
  • Human Relationships & Family - their purpose & fulfillment
  • Society - goals, multidimensional problems & resolutions
  • Nature, Evolution & the Ultimate Reality

The workshop explores the rich web of connections between seemingly disparate aspects of life. The discussions range from the seemingly mundane to the supposedly profound.

How we conduct them

The workshop does not refer to any traditional or existing texts. 

The facilitator puts forth proposals for participants to examine & reflect - that are meant to be a bridge between the participant and 'Reality'. 

There is no sermonizing or coercing. 

The 'mood' in these workshops ranges from the serious to light hearted. 

There is no 'fee' for the 'teaching'. Participants bear their own boarding & lodging costs. No one is denied a place for want of money. 

Why attend?

There is no satisfaction point for the hoarding of material comforts - an outcome of Materialism.

Spiritualism is steeped in mysticism and has challenges explaining the observed world.

Individualism & Communalism are on the rise -creating a rift in humanity.

We need real, lasting answers to our ecological crisis.

Questions intriguing Humanity

what is 'out there'?
how did we get here?
what is the world made of?
what is our purpose in this world?
why are people the way they are?
why do humans even have these questions?

- complete knowledge of reality & the nature of consciousness enables these answers.

Why we do this

We share this for Universal Good - to fulfil our responsibility towards humankind.

We feel this philosophy is an important breakthrough for critical human questions -it resolves the human condition on this planet.

We have been conducting these workshops since the last 25 years.

Many participants have found answers for meaningful living.

These workshops are not a source for our livelihood. 

We encourage you to attend one of these workshops.


Who attends?

A wide spectrum of people attend:

Students, families, scientists, thinkers, educationist's & activists.

The diversity brings different perspectives, making the session engaging.

Participant Speak


" Equips you with the mental, behavioural capabilities to decipher the complex fabric of human a suitcase of knowledge you can unpack the rest of your life..."

"Takes you from illusion to awakening"

"Justifies the reasoning that led up to fundamental conclusions, as well as freely allows you to question everything and test it"

"Sweeping in Scope"


knowledge is free. like the wind. it's everywhere.

studying life is serious. it's natural. it's a lot of fun.



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