Workshop Overview & Syllabus.

What we do

In the jeevan vidya workshop (jeevan vidya shivir), several important proposals about Life & the Universe are put forth for participants to examine and reflect and an accomplished facilitator facilitates this over a 1 day, 3 day and a 7 day period. You can also browse through facilitator profiles and the 7 day syllabus

These proposals address serious curiosities in the areas of

  •     What are we as 'Conscious' Beings
  •     What is family, human relationships and how they can be fulfilling
  •     What is wealth and the true meaning of prosperity
  •     Human Society, its problems & resolutions
  •     Nature, 'Existence' (the Universe) and man's place in it.


One of the participants described their journey thus:

from haziness to clarity ...
   from arrogance to simplicity...
from selfishness to generosity...
         from hatred to love...
  from illusion to awakening...  





How are they conducted?

'Coexistential Thought' is presented as an 'Alternative' to Materialism & Theism/Spiritualism and thus does not take recourse to any existing or past concept, tradition or text. The proposals are meant to be a bridge between the participant and 'Reality'.

There is no sermonizing; the facilitator puts forth the proposals and enables this phenomenon of 'direct perception' of Reality to take place. The proposals are evaluated based on self scrutiny and examination. This takes place via a gradual process of 'consciousness-development'.


Why do we conduct them?

There is no 'fee' for the 'teaching'. We share this for Universal Good. Participants bear their own boarding & lodging costs. No one is denied a place if they are unable to bear the same.

We have been conducting these workshops since the last 25 years. We see that these workshops bring a big positive difference in the lives of participants. For some, it can be life changing. We encourage you to attend one of these workshops.


7 Day Syllabus

* The flow of topics and contents of each workshop vary according to the audience & facilitator. The introductory jeevan vidya workshop or jeevan vidya shivir attempt to cover most of the points in the 'topics of study' or adhyayan bindu that cover the principle set of proposals in this philosophy


Day 1: Introduction

  • Appraisal of current state of affairs  in: Self, Family, Society and Nature
  • Basic Human Questions: Why to live? & How to live?
  • Basic Human Requirement = Knowledge  = Resolution = Happiness
  • Resolution= Understand reality & live accordingly: nature-existence, myself and my role in existence


Day 2: Understanding the Conscious Self, & Existence

  • Human as Conscious Self and Body
  • Distinguishing between conscious and other activities –  role of Assumptions
  • Activities in the ‘Conscious Self’
    • Tasting, Selecting, Analysis, Desiring, Contemplation, Understanding, Realization
    • Reasons & Solutions for problems and lack of purpose in the Self
  • Need to understand form-full and formless dimensions of reality: appearance, properties, true-nature & religion


Day 3: Understanding Human Relationships: in the Family

  • Basic Nature & basis for Human Relationships
  • Various roles: Father, Son, Wife, Teacher, Friend, etc
  • Values & Expectations in relationships: Trust, Respect, Love, Affection, Care….
  • Structure of Family, issues and resolving them.


 Day 4: Understanding Human Relationships & Systems in Society

  • Assessment of current human society and its issues
  • Universal Goal of Human Society
  • Appraisal and proposals for ‘humane organization’ in the areas of:
    • Education & Values, Health, Production & Commerce, Justice & Security


Day 5: Understanding Nature & its dimensions

  • Form, Properties, True Nature and Dharma of the Material Order, Plant Order, Animal Order and Human Order
  • Inherent interconnected-ness & ‘cyclicity’ in Nature
  • Causes for current ecological imbalance and solutions


Day 6: Understanding Existence, the Universe & Evolution

  • Existence as Coexistence = Insentient (Pshysio-Chemical) and Sentient (Conscious) units saturated in space
  • Space as all pervading and energy in equilibrium
  • Evolution and progression in Existence.
  • Mans place in Existence


Day 7: Questions & Sum up

  • Open Questions on everything under and beyond the Sun!
  • Participant sharing and feedback