The 7 day introductory workshop sees all humans, of varying ages, from all walks of life. From ordinary people going about their lives, to leaders, to scientists, thinkers & activists...


Our 7 day introductory program means different things to every human:



How do you deal with your:

  • studies & career
  • peers and surroundings
  • relationships - with parents, siblings & friends
  • finding your true capabilities, identity



How do you grapple with living:

  • 'Balancing' your aspirations, work & family responsibilities
  • Understanding yourself & your state of mind
  • Relating to your children, spouses & friends
  • Exploring your 'true-interests' & purpose of life



Thinkers, Activists

  • Environmental activism - the basic laws of nature & how we can live with complementarity
  • Social Activism: Evolutionary & societal reasons for inequality and how they can be resolved - how Human Race is one. 


Spiritualist, Philosophers

  • Understand existence and mans place in it
  • The true-nature of the 'spirit' in a non-mystical, realizable manner



  • Role of beliefs & conditioning in our perspective of reality
  • How stones, plants & animals also have religion. How Human religion is One.



Natural Sciences

  • Go beyond 'cause & effect' to understand the form-less dimensions of reality.
  • Understand the 'observer' in the 'observation'. 



Psychology, Cognitive Sciences

  • Resolve the mind-body problem. 
  • The nature of 'conscious' and its many activities and its relationship with the brain


Social, Economic Sciences

  • Understand human behavior and its actual basis & reasons
  • Role of material needs & its relationship with prosperity and the dependency on nature