7 Day Workshop Syllabus.

* The flow of topics and contents of each workshop vary according to the facilitator & audience. The preliminary introductory coexistence/jeevan vidya workshop is a practical introduction to salient points in the 'topics of study' or adhyayan bindu - which is an introductory syllabus provided by shri a.nagraj. This reference syllabus covers the principle proposals in this "coexistential philosophy" and is currently introduced in two stages of 7 days each. परिचयात्मक सिलेबस अध्ययन बिंदु हिंदी में पढ़ें  

Day 1: Introduction

  • Appraisal of current state of affairs  in: Self, Family, Society and Nature
  • Basic Human Questions: Why to live? & How to live?
  • Basic Human Requirement = Resolution in Intellectual, Behavioural, Material & Spiritual Dimensions= Happiness = Knowledge
  • Resolution = Understand reality & live accordingly =
    • Knowledge of entire Existence, Knowledge of myself, Knowledge of Humane living = my role/purpose in existence

Day 2: Coexistence/Order in the Self: Understanding the Conscious Self, & Existence

  • Human as Conscious Self and Body
  • Distinguishing between conscious and other activities –  role of Assumptions
  • Activities in the ‘Conscious Self’
    • Tasting, Selecting, Analysis, Desiring, Contemplation, Understanding, Realization
    • Reasons & Solutions for problems and lack of purpose in the Self
  • Need to understand form-full and formless dimensions of reality: appearance, properties, true-nature & innateness

Day 3: Coexistence/Order in the Family: Understanding Human Relationships

  • Basic Nature & basis for Human Relationships
  • Various roles: Father, Son, Wife, Teacher, Friend, etc
  • Values & Expectations in relationships: Trust, Respect, Love, Affection, Care….
  • Structure of Family, issues and resolving them.

 Day 4: Coexistence/Order in Society: Understanding its Relationships & Systems

  • Assessment of current human society and its issues
  • Universal Goal of Human Society
  • Appraisal and proposals for ‘humane organization’ in the areas of:
    • Education & Values, Health, Production & Commerce, Justice & Security
  • Introduction to the family based village organization for Human Society (parivar mulak gram swarajya vyavastha)

Day 5: Coexistence/Order in Nature: Understanding Nature & its dimensions

  • Form, Properties, True Nature and Dharma of the Material Order, Plant Order, Animal Order and Human Order
  • Inherent interconnected-ness & ‘cyclicity’ in Nature
  • Causes for current ecological imbalance and solutions

Day 6: Coexistence/Order in Existence: Understanding Reality, the Universe & Evolution

  • Reality as Coexistence = Insentient (Pshysio-Chemical) and Sentient (Conscious) units saturated in void
  • Space (void) as all pervading and energy in equilibrium
  • Evolution and progression in Existence.
  • Mans place in Existence
  • Clarity on Knowledge, Wisdom & Science
    • Knowledge = of Existence, of Conscious jeevan, of Humane Conduct
    • Wisdom = Knowledge of true  & false, human goal
    • Science = Procedural knowledge = Material Science, Behavioural Science, Spiritual Science

Day 7: Questions & Sum up