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 Jeevan Vidya

Knowledge, Wisdom & Science of living.   

Rediscover. Everything.

Website of the introductory workshops to the Coexistential philosophy by A.Nagraj

What this is

An inauguration of reality, human consciousness & purpose

- new discovery in human understanding

Coexistentialism - सहअस्तित्व वाद

An Alternative to Theism/Spiritualism & Materialism/Science


Existence (reality) is Coexistence.

This is the ultimate Truth. 

What we do

Probe Life


  • How do I make sense of the world?
  • Why do I live? What is my true nature?
  • What is money
  • What is the purpose of family?
  • Can we be free of conflict in society & nature?​

Understand Living:

  • peep into yourself.
    • attain clarity
    • be a better person
  • understand people.
    • accept compassion
    • nurture family & society
  • examine reality.
    • unravel life & evolution
    • harmonize with nature


"resolution itself is happiness"

This understanding fundamentally alters our assumption of who we are, and how we live. These shifts in us are positive & meaningful.

Discover what it is to be human. 

The workshop

A lifetime's journey starting with 7 days : for free


Proposes an answer to every Why? and What?

It is an engaging 40 hour dialogue on every facet of our lives and the universe, and how we humans can live with purpose and meaning.

There is no 'fee' for the person conducting it. This is not a source for our livelihood.

Who participates


...If you are Human, you need this:

  • Common People (Students & Adults + Parents)
  • Scientists (Natural & Social)
  • Intellectuals (Thinkers, Spiritualists, Activists, Educationists)

Who we are

We are humans from diverse walks of life who are driven by our enquiry to understand and apprehend reality and live with meaning and harmony on this planet.

We are a self supporting group of people, with no religious, political affiliation or 'formal membership' - bound by a common vision and purpose. And no, we are not a 'sect'!

We don't need your money

This work is seminal in nature. We have found a resolution in this proposal.


This philosophy

Proposal for Undivided Society & Balance in Nature


This is an introduction to the Madhyasth Darshan  (Coexistential) philosophy by A.Nagraj (1920-2016) of India.

 ​It is a direct discovery of the fundamental nature of the universe and human purpose


​Proposes answers to the myriad personal, familial, social & ecological issues all of us face, the world faces.


​​Presents Universal Human Education, Values, World Constitution & Organization


Establishes coherence in the spiritual, intellectual, behavioural and material aspects of man


This results in happiness, peace, satisfaction & bliss via humanization of education.





knowledge is free. like the wind. its everywhere.

studying life is serious. its natural. its a lot of fun.




Message to humankind

"The Study of Human-being could not be accomplished until now by the two major ideologies – Theism/Spiritualism and Materialism/Science – that emerged and evolved in the history of humankind. .. 

The Study of Human-being is now possible in coexistence via Madhyasth Darshan....Human being alone is the seer (knower), coexistence is the reality to be known and universal humane conduct to be lived ...."

- A Nagraj                   |                 Read More

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