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[ Website of the introductory workshops to the Coexistential philosophy of A.Nagraj ]

A lifetime's journey

-starting with 7 days:


  • study yourself.
    • unravel your mind
    • attain clarity
  • understand people.
    • accept compassion
    • nurture family & society
  • examine reality.
    • discern life & evolution
    • harmonize with nature


The introductory workshop is an engaging 40 hour dialogue in which several important proposals about Life & the Universe are put forth.

These proposals address serious curiosities in the areas of

  • Our spiritual, intellectual, behavioral and material dimensions
  • Why and How we are – nature of the Mind & Consciousness
  • Family, its purpose & Human relationships
  • Human Society, its goals, problems & resolutions
  • Nature & its intricate balance
  • Existence, Reality, Evolution & the Universe

The workshop explores the rich web of connections between seemingly disparate aspects of life. The discussions range from the seemingly mundane to the supposedly profound.

How we conduct them

'Coexistential Philosophy' does not take recourse to any existing or past concept, tradition or texts. 

The facilitator puts forth proposals for participants to examine & reflect - that are meant to be a bridge between the participant and 'Reality'. 

There is no sermonizing.

The 'mood' in these workshops ranges from the serious to light hearted. 

There is no 'fee' for the 'teaching'. Participants bear their own boarding & lodging costs. No one is denied a place if they are unable to bear the same.

Why attend?

There is no satisfaction point to consumption & the hoarding of material comforts - an outcome of Materialism.

Spiritualism is steeped in mysticism and has challenges explaining the observed world.

Individualism & Communalism are on the rise -creating a rift in humanity.



We need a real alternative to:

  • Individual purposelessness
  • Health & Lifestyle problems
  • Family /relationship stresses
  • Societal conflict & inequity
  • Natural imbalance

We need an alternative to the prevalent  mania for profit, consumption & carnality.


This philosophy offers a universal, verifiable, livable alternative - based on reality

It proposes solutions to the myriad personal, familial, social & ecological issues we face.

This understanding fundamentally alters our assumption of who we humans are, why & how we live.

Why we conduct them

We share this for Universal Good - to fulfil our responsibility towards humankind.

We feel this philosophy is an important breakthrough for critical human questions -it resolves the human condition on this planet.

We have been conducting these workshops since the last 25 years.

These workshops are not a source for our livelihood. 

We encourage you to attend one of these workshops.


Who attends?

A wide spectrum of people attend:

Students, parents, scientists, thinkers, educationist's & activists.

The diversity brings different perspectives, making the session intense, engaging & meaningful.

Participant Speak

One of the participants summed up their 10 year journey thus:

" from haziness to clarity;
from arrogance to simplicity;
from selfishness to generosity;
from hatred to love;
from illusion to awakening "


" Equips you with the mental, behavioural capabilities to decipher the intricate fabric of human life...It's like a suitcase of knowledge you can unpack the rest of your life"

"Not just that it gives a formalism for being able to look at and answer fundamental questions, but it can also justify the reasoning that led up to those conclusions, as well as freely allow you to question everything and test it"

This Philosophy

Coexistentialism or सहअस्तित्ववाद 

is a new discovery. 

It is presented as an Alternative to Theism/Spiritualism & Materialism/Science 


It postulates that Existence (reality) is Coexistence.

It is a proposal for an Undivided Society & Balance in Nature


Madhyasth Darshan or Coexistential philosophy is by A.Nagraj (1920-2016) of India.


He realized the fundamental nature of the universe, human consciousness & purpose


Study of Existence/Nature, the Human Being & living - in all dimensions.


​​Presents Universal Human Education, Values, World Constitution & Organization


Coherence in human spiritual, intellectual, behavioural and material aspects


This results in happiness, peace, satisfaction & bliss via humanization of education.

Who we are

We are humans from diverse walks of life who are driven by our enquiry to understand and apprehend reality and live with meaning and harmony on this planet.

We are a self supporting group of people, with no religious, political affiliation or 'formal membership' - bound by a common vision and purpose. And no, we are not a 'sect'!

This work is seminal in nature.
We have found a resolution in this proposal.


knowledge is free. like the wind. it's everywhere.

studying life is serious. it's natural. it's a lot of fun.



Message to humankind

" The Study of Human-being could not be accomplished until now by the two major ideologies – Theism/Spiritualism and Materialism/Science – that emerged and evolved in the history of humankind. .. 

The Study of Human-being is now possible in coexistence via Madhyasth Darshan....Human being alone is the seer (knower), coexistence is the reality to be known and universal humane conduct to be lived ...."

- A Nagraj   |   Read More

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